If the idea of Christmas food leaves you panicking about weight gain and ruining all the hard work you have put in so far to keep the pounds off, help is here to enjoy healthy Christmas food without the worry of piling on the pounds! It's hard to stay on track this time of year, lots of  parties, so much food and alcohol on offer how do you let your hair down without winding up a lardy ball of regret by New Year?

Write a list of your favourite festive foods, be honest and think about what really makes your tastebuds sing, homemade Christmas cake totally worth it cheap chocolate shared at work not worth the calories! Being aware of choices will help prevent mindless grazing of food that you don’t really fancy or eating for the sake of it being Christmas, take your time eat slowly and savour every mouthful of the treats you are allowing yourself, alternate alcohol drinks with water.

No matter how many parties or functions that are on make sure to exercise regularly, as well as a great hangover cure it helps to counter any extra calories, it is also a reminder of how great it feels to be fit, so healthy goals stay bubbling in the back of your mind when faced with a Christmas buffet. Start a new tradition of a brisk hour’s walk on Christmas Day, then drinking champagne and eating that wonderful Christmas Dinner will not be so guilt ridden.  It’s all about balance.

Don’t buy extra food at Christmas "just in case somebody pops around” –when you buy too much food you feel compelled to polish it off, "so it doesn't go to waste". The supermarkets only close for one day - there's no need to fill the trolley like the world is about to end.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year from Kim Holloway at Total Therapy.