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The 10 Golden Rules of Communication

Empty Nest Syndrome

It’s this time of year where our kids are going off to College or University. A major milestone in their life’s has been reached. We all understand major landmarks in family life: the birth of a child, starting school, going off for play dates, school trips, starting high school, leaving home and living independently.

The 10 Golden Rules of Communication

Fear of Wasps and Bees

Summer is here and whilst most of us enjoy being outside making most of the warm weather for some it is a nightmare and can’t wait for the cooler seasons when there are no wasps or bees around.

The 10 Golden Rules of Communication


Around a third of us recognise having had difficulty sleeping at one time on or another however, roughly 10% of the population will have experienced a genuine bout of insomnia. The condition can last anywhere from few days to a few months and in some cases years.

The 10 Golden Rules of Communication

Fear of Flying

'Summer is just around the corner and we are starting to think about our holidays but for many people it causes anxiety as fear of flying is one of the most common phobias, with an estimated one in 10 people experiencing flight anxiety. To those who do not suffer from anxiety, this may seem like an irrational fear. But, our mind will create feelings of anxiety when it believes we are in danger. Protecting us is the primary function of our subconscious mind, so if something is seen as a threat, actions will be taken.


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