Thrive to a more happier positive life

Thrive to a more happier positive life

If you want to think positively but always seem to find the negative in situations, a Hypnotherapy Programme could have a solution for you.

New research suggests you can be turned into a glass half full person - just by the power of your own mind.

1. Process the positive experiences in your life Make some effort to really notice the positive things that happen to you everyday, can really help psychological wellbeing.

2. Build up the belief that you are in control of your life If you feel yourself thinking in a powerless way, challenge yourself. For example, if you think something like ‘I could never run a marathon’ change it to ‘I could run a marathon if I put in the effort to train hard.

3. Mind your language! Our language is a window, through which we can easily recognise our thoughts and beliefs. The language that we speak (both out loud and in our heads) is an expression of what we think and believe.

4. Visualise what you want to happen in your life, rather than what you fear Many of us unconsciously start to project our worries into our visualisations and ‘fantasies’ about how something will go.. instead train your imagination what you want to happen, not what you fear.

5. Challenge yourself! The key to success is to think about the steps you need to take to achieve your goal – make a plan of action rather than a vague idea.

6. Keep Perspective We all experience unpleasant events and we all make mistakes but the key to being happy is to see them in context and move on, rather than making them worse by focusing in on the most negative aspect.

Kim Holloway Thrive Consultant and Hypnotherapist can deliver the Thrive Programme which is an incredibly effective multi-session “training course” that will not only help you to see things in a radically different way, but will also give you the power and knowledge to realise all of your dreams and aspirations