Most people say they want to happier.  Give out surveys to people in wildly different countries and they’ll still put happiness at the top of their list of goals.  Yet we consistently look for happiness in the wrong places, money, fame, power and beauty.  And though they might make us a bit happy at first, they’re not the key to happiness.

There are probably 100 things we could do to become happier and most of them are pretty obvious: A lot of what makes us happier is under our control!  It involves how we think and behave in our daily lives.  Are we trying to be grateful for what we have, or are we comparing ourselves with others? Are we forgiving? Do we invest a lot in our relationships or not?  There are plenty of strategies we can take.

There was an experiment untaken at Coca-Cola in Madrid – a group of employees were asked to become Givers, they chose three colleagues from a list and did something nice for them.   The recipients of these unexpected acts of kindness became happier right away, but the Givers’ happiness lasted even longer. Everyone in the workplace became kinder to everyone else, so it affected the whole environment.  This positivity was still evident two months after the experiment was over.

Even though we know what to do to be happier, it’s not always easy to put it into practice, it’s like losing weight – you have to begin a programme to change yourself and then maintain it, probably for the rest of your life – it’s not just two weeks and you’re done!

Hypnotherapy can help to reframe and change the way you think, recognise unhelpful thinking and changing it into a more positive way of thinking, we often think OK I’ll try to be more grateful/positive  but after a few weeks we stop, if you don’t want to be happier that’s fine, but if you do then with effort and a bit of work along with the support of a hypnotherapist you will soon have a happier and more positive outlook on life.