Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and Stress

What are the symptoms?

Anxiety, Stress and Panic Attacks are more common than you think within the fast pace of our busy lives.

Effects of Stress include

  • Thinking  - Confusion, difficulty making decisions, poorer concentration, problems with memory and recall, negative thinking, anxiety.
  • Emotional  - Feeling overwhelmed, agitated , shock, anger, depression, grief.
  • Physical – Sweating, dizzy spells, increased heart rate, higher blood pressure, rapid breathing, lowered libido, changes in immune system.
  • Behavioural – changes in normal behaviour, changes in eating, changes in sleeping, poorer personal hygiene, withdrawal from other people, prolonged silences.

The more anxiety or stress a person is experiencing the more their thinking, feelings, symptoms and health will be affected.

Using Hypnosis combined with our other techniques improves thought processing in a fast and effective way helping to create changes in your general attitude towards yourself and your current life situation on our Stress Management Program.

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