Hypnotherapy and Depression

Any person old or young, male or female can become depressed. Depression is increasing in all age groups, but particularly in the younger teenage group. Females tend to experience depression twice as frequently than males, and depression is estimated around 42% more common amongst children, that have grown up with a parent that is depressed.

Women find it difficult to go out and socialize, especially if they are looking after children, and feel more 'trapped' in the home environment. Menopause, weight gain, hypertension, marriage problems are all possible negative attributes in their life.

Men tend to experience depression with a job loss, not being promoted, arguments at home with the wife or teenage children, getting older, and perhaps experience health problems. They frequently do not to seek therapy or go to their doctor. Men can go out with their friends, socialize and drink more alcohol to suppress their underlying anxieties and depression.

Children can be misdiagnosed as a behavioural disorder, a learning disability, certainly being bullied at school can cause depression.

Depression in the elderly, where their children have left home whom they no longer see, believe that their life is over, or have some illness or disease, which again may be undiagnosed.

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