What is emetophobia and the fear of being sick or vomit

Emetophobia is a phobia where someone has an overwhelming fear of being sick or vomiting or watching someone else be sick or vomit.

Although many sufferers think they are alone.The fear of being sick is an extremely common phobia.( 5th most common).

Some sufferers experience symptoms almost all the time, while others respond to direct stimuli. The condition can start at anytime. In sufferers who "suddenly " develop the condition it is often a particular incident that triggers it off

Emetophobics tend to identify vomiting with dirt and germs and can be obsessive about hygiene and will also avoid places such as public toilets. Indeed many people may also have trouble with other hygiene related problems.

Those suffering with emetophobia are often mistaken as having an eating disorder of some kind. This is because they tend to eat very little and as we have mentioned, rarely in public.  Emetophobia is frequently related to other fears such as choking, gagging, drowning, germs, hospitals and social phobia.

This is a condition that appears to affect more women than men and if you are someone who suffers with emetophobia, you will know only too well that the symptoms can seriously affect and limit your ability to enjoy life to the full as this condition can have a very disabling effect on the sufferer.

Can hypnotherapy help cure emetophobia?

Using hypnotherapy we will  help you to overcome permanently your fear of being sick.

Imagine how  life will be without the anxiety of constantly thinking about the fear of being sick?

Total Therapy has lots of experience of helping clients with emetophobia and you will find a very safe and trusting environment to discuss your concerns in complete confidence.

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