Relax Childbirth

Relax Childbirth

Hypnotherapy and relaxed childbirth

The Hypnotherapy relaxed childbirth programme is a unique way which allows you to look forward to enjoying a pain free childbirth.

Whether you have fears and worries because of a previous difficult pregnancy or birth, or a first time Mother needing a little help and support, you will find our relaxed childbirth programme will guide you through the whole process in a friendly relaxed and enjoyable way.

A programme of 4 sessions will take you up to and throughout labour and right through to your new family life.You have the option to either manage the birth yourself using self hypnosis and pain management techniques that you've learnt, or use the personalised cd’s that we will record at each session which come as part of the programme.

The Hypnotherapy relaxed childbirth programme


Many midwives fully support the use of hypnosis-supported births because Mums are more relaxed, calmer, more aware of what is going on around them.

Hypnosis is completely safe and drug free, but can also can be used alongside other interventions, including medication.

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